Based in Chippenham covering Wiltshire, Gloucestershire & the Cotswolds

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About Burnt Orange

Hi, I’m Alex, owner of Burnt Orange, a place for hiring stylish statement pieces that finish off your wedding.


I left the world of banking as a twenty-something, determined to find something a bit more touchy-feely……and I found it in weddings! I started in the industry as a planner at a hotel and had years showing, booking and building amazing weddings for lovely couples.


Those years were a great training ground, seeing different weddings every week, different styles….I loved it… was a real buzz watching the latest trends emerging on the horizon which grew into a love of all things Instagram and Pinterest! 

I still work full time in weddings, splitting my time between helping to run the most amazing wedding directory and running and developing Burnt Orange. And outside of working hours most importantly, I’m proud mum to a gorgeous little red-head girl who inspired the name of the company!


I have a love for weddings that is equalled and inspired by Instagram, Pinterest, brush lettering, big laser cutting machines, silk flowers and came together in a creative streak that snuck up on me while up-cycling sideboards in the evening.


It all came together when something in me volunteered myself to make a set of light up love letters for my lovely friends’ wedding. The first set were a labour of love and hard work by me and a retired woodwork teacher. Since then I’ve paired up with an amazing local laser cutting company who have taken some of my wilder ideas and given me a foundation to work from. Following that, love, care and gusto have seen two more sets come into creation pushing things on from classic square edges to the flowing script of brush lettering.