About Burnt Orange

Hi, I'm Alex!


I left the world of banking as a twenty-something, determined to find something a bit more me. I was a square peg in a round hole in banking, so when a job came up at a local hotel as a wedding planner I went for it. I honestly felt like I found another world! Everyone was happy and passionate about what they were doing. Couples I met were excited-they were in love! Wedding days were of course stressful because I wanted everything to be perfect, but I thrived on that. After having my daughter I needed to do something that could let me be creative, stay in the wonderful world of weddings and get to spend time watching my daughter grow.

Whitewed Team-23.jpg

Fast forward a few years, Burnt Orange began when I made my first set of love letters for my friend’s wedding.

Those years as a wedding planner were a great training ground, seeing different weddings every week, different styles….I loved it…..it was a real buzz watching the latest trends emerging on the horizon which grew into a love of all things Instagram and Pinterest! 

I now split my time in weddings between helping to run the most amazing wedding directory (ask for any recommendations!) and running and developing Burnt Orange. Outside of working hours most importantly, I’m proud mum to a gorgeous little red-head girl who inspired the name of the company, and my little boy who was born last year!

I have a love for weddings that I can't ever imagine fading. It's been almost ten years since I became a wedding planner and I think I love the industry more now than I did back then! There is so much choice and freedom to shape your wedding day anyway you want to. I understand though that it can also be quite daunting having so much choice! I try and keep things simple, relaxed and fun. I keep my collection simple, my booking process is easy and my collection are things which will add something really special to your big day. Each piece is unique, designed and decorated by me but made by professionals to ensure quality and longevity.

I’ve recently decided to add to my range and launched a brand new Octagon Frame so stay tuned and follow me on social media as there is more on the way…